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About Bernef America

We are located within the Energy Corridor, Bernef America, LLC is at the center of Houston’s energy market.

We are one of the best Industrial Equipment Suppliers in the US. At Bernef America LLC, we are forward-looking and are driven by the passion to provide our numerous customers and partners with the best that today’s technology can offer to businesses in the process industry. Bernef America is therefore working to offer industrial equipment that would ensure that its clients are optimizing the perks of ongoing technological advances in their businesses without having to experience any adverse effects of the frequent but challenging changes. Undoubtedly, as one of the best Industrial Equipment Suppliers, we see a future driven by automation and controls. Making your industrial process easier and safer is our primary mission. Without a doubt, we are constantly working to find better ways to help you deliver quality products safely without paying exorbitantly for them.


We provide solutions to a range of industries including chemical plants, oil refineries or oil field platforms.

Commitment to Quality

Bernef America is committed to quality throughout our products, services, and company processes.

Customer Service

We provide high-quality customer service and technical support, to ensure long-term security for our customers.

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