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Bernef America LLC is working to provide products and services that would ensure that customers are maximizing the benefit of the ongoing technological advancements in their businesses/industry without encountering any adverse effects of the regular but challenging changes. Are you a company or an individual looking for the best industrial equipment company to get quality supplies for your business operations? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Industrial Equipment Company
Compression Load Cell

The capacity is between 1 – 100 tons and it’s made of alloy steel material.

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Industrial Equipment Company
TKP In-Line Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

The TKP Series digital paddle wheel flow meter has been designed in order to assist with tough industrial applications

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Industrial Equipment Company
P9S 90 Series Pressure Gauge

It’s a general-purpose guage that is serviceable and pulsation resistant.

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Industrial Equipment Company
TVF Flow Display & Batcher

It displays both Flow Rate & Flow Total up to 16 digits with a LED display.

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Industrial Equipment Company
ERH-11-20 Bilge Level Switch

This is designed for general purposes on ships, and especially for bilges.

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Industrial Equipment Company
1100 Series Pipeline Strainer

This is to be installed upstream of regulators, valves or other similar equipment.

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Used to control, manage, command, direct or regulate other systems.

Needle Valves

To regulate the flow of a substance through an appliance or system.

Electromagnetic Meters

Measures the velocity of fluids in pipes.

Hydraulic Equipment

A device used to transmit pressure from one point to another.


Used to adjust an instrument accuracy or method.

Level Switches

A sensor that detects the presence of liquids, powder, or granulated materials.

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